• Tamino Wirz

    IndustriAl Design / Engineering

    ©Alcatraz Dynamics & ©AzSabers

    Hi there !

    I am an Industrial Designer and founder of ©Alcatraz Dyanamics and ©AzSabers located in Switzerland.
    With a carpenter diploma and 8 years of experience in CAD, 3D modelling and 3D rendering.

    4 years of experience in rapid prototyping (3D printing ) with SLS, FDM, SLA technologies, and mass manufacturing with CNC machines.


    In 2020, I launched my first mass-produced product. Entirely designed, developed and packed in-house and retailed under ©AzSabers.


    Find my portfolio and appendix from 2019 in the sections below, ready to be downloaded.

  • Download Portfolio 2019

    Get a copy of my portfolio. Don't forget to download the appendix below !

  • Download Appendix 2019

    Download the appendix of the portfolio for more content !

  • Experience, Skills and Milestones

    Short overview about my work experience, education, skills and milestones.


    4 years eduaction as carpenter, graduated with diploma in 2016



    Alcatraz Longboards

    Manufacturing and designing Longboards


    Founded 2014, established as Longboard manufacturing business.


    Longboards -> Dynamics


    Alcatraz Longboards becomes Alcatraz Dynamics

    Alcatraz Longboards reinvented in 2017 as branding for my design works called Alcatraz Dynamics

    FDM 3D printing

    FDM 3d printing complex builds

    Working with FDM 3d printing since 2016


    CAD - Fusion360




    Utilising Fusion360 daily since 2016

    3d rendering

    Creating realistic 3D visualisations of products and models.


    Using 3d rendering since 2016


    Working with SLA 3D printing



    Since 2016


    Industrial Design BA studies




    SLS 3D printing

    Prototyping and manufacturing with SLS 3D printers

    Since 2018

    AZ Sabers

    Officially founded AZ Sabers.


    AzSabers is established as affiliate of Alcatraz Dynamics which is officialy registered as company in Switzerland



    Working with CNC-Technology to develop and mass manufacture high precision metal parts






  • the Alcatraz family.

    Alcatraz Dynamics is officially registered as my company. My field of work covers many areas, for some I've created sub-divisions.

    - AzDynamics is the parent company covering general design works.

    - AzSabers covers the design, manufacturing and marketing of sabers.

    - Alcatraz Longboards combines design, manufacturing, hand crafting and marketing of longboards.

    A fun little project, maybe a reality, one day ? ;)

    Enjoy this 3D rendering of a bottle representing the AzSabers logo, containing a high percentage alcohol.